Turkish Films Co-Produced Within Europe: The Story After Twenty Years’ Experience in Eurimages
Silent Representations of Women in the New Cinema of Turkey
September , 2010
Marxism and Film
September , 2010
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Author: Levent YILMAZOK (Primary Author)
Institution: University of Amsterdam ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis)
Country: The Netherlands

Dates Publication Date : May 15, 2019


Out of four new sources of financial support for Turkish cinema that emerged in the post-1990 period, Eurimages, the cinema support fund of Council of Europe, is the only non-domestic one where decisions are taken with the agreement of the national representatives of the member states. Considering the experience of twenty years left behind in Turkey’s membership to Eurimages, this article examines the influences/ contributions of a supranational cinema support fund – which demands a series of criteria to be met – on a national cinema. The focus is particularly on the nationalness and/or Europeanness of Eurimages-backed Turkish initiative films in terms of both style and content; co-producer country preferences of Turkish producers; and the contributions of Eurimages support to filmmaking practices in Turkey. As written materials on this quite new phenomenon are limited in number, the analyses are primarily attained through a study of the films, interviews with the professionals (those made by the author and some cited from the media as well) who have first hand experience of the process, and official documents of Eurimages. Following the definition and objectives of the Fund, various conclusions out of the lived experience and criticisms are put forth.

Eurimages, Council of Europe, Turkish, film, cinema, co-production, support, national, fund, Turkey