Kiarostami and the Aesthetics of Modern Persian Poetry
March , 2010
A Look at Cinema in the 2000s
March , 2010
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Author: Eylem ATAKAV (Primary Author)
Institution: University of East Anglia
Country: United Kingdom

Dates Publication Date : May 10, 2019


Drawing from her personal experience, Kuhn suggests starting points and befitting tools for feminist film researchers who are interested in cinema. The first starting point is to determine whether the attention should be directed to films or cinema. Although these two terms are often used as interchangeable words, their meanings actually indicate two different points. Cinema generally refers to social and industrial context while film refers to a more close reading of the text. Therefore, methodologies and conceptual frameworks in these two mediums will be different too. If the researcher who has a feminist perspective has chosen to study cinema, cultural approaches and audience research will provide a more ideal method. Cultural studies allow us to look at the relationships of films with gender-related fields in a more general framework. However, if we study films as particular creations, psychoanalysis will enter the picture. Psychic issues play a big role in the feminist reading, so psychoanalytic approach offers an ideal method to understand the psychic issues related with films’ metapsychology. Furthermore, psychoanalysis is also in a key position to better understand the interaction between films and audience.

Annette Kuhn, Feminism, Film, Media