Revisiting the Abbas Kiarostami’s Şirin in Context of the Cinema, the Audience, and the Possibilities of Cinematography
March , 2010
Kiarostami and the Aesthetics of Modern Persian Poetry
March , 2010
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Author: Dilek İMANÇER (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Dates Publication Date : May 10, 2019


This study analyzes representations of women in Turkish films made from a conservative Islamic perspective. Westernization in Turkish society has highlighted certain East-West contradictions, and these contradictions have become a focus for discussions of women’s issues while at the same time camouflaging patriarchial patterns. Islamic films in Turkish cinema are worthy of analysis because they make a statement about East-West contradictions, and it is in this context that women are represented.

Representations of women, Islamic film, modern, conservative, patriarchal