The Analysis of Joker Film as an Anti-Hero Narrative in the Concept of Postmodernity
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October , 2020
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October , 2020
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Author: Can DİKER (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Dates Publication Date : September 30, 2020

In the film Joker, directed by Todd Philips in 2019, famous super-villain Joker, who was created as the eternal enemy and opponent of the superhero Batman, is not as a villain as usual but appears to be designed as anti-hero under the influence of the alien society and the atmosphere of the uncanny city, through his past identity Arthur Fleck. The film’s popularity, which has grossed over $ 1 billion worldwide, is based on the masses’ ability to adopt the Joker as an anti-hero and identify with its performance. The story of the protagonist in the movie is different from the classic hero narratives. Heroic stories have been present in every period of history, but in these narratives, the struggle of the hero against malice or a villain, is created on the plane of opposite dichotomies, usually on the axis of good and evil, such as the conflict between Batman and Joker. With the collapse of bureaucratic modernity, the masses’ search for heroes evolves in the postmodern period. Thus, the classical hero in stories began to leave the role of the protagonist to the anti-hero, who is more o connect more with the masses in the 21st century’s postmodern era. It is seen that anti-heroes became popular in the postmodern period when postmodernists claimed that truth/reality has disappeared, the distinction between good and evil eroded and the simulative messages of mass media replaced reality itself. In this study, the transformation of Arthur Fleck to Joker as an anti-hero persona in the film will be examined within the concept of modernity – postmodernity by revealing the role of social changes in the stories and the transformation of the hero, and a criticism of the images and discourses from the movie will be criticized from a postmodern perspective.

Joker (film), modernite, postmodernite, kahraman, anti-kahraman