The Hurt Locker: Male Intimacy, Violence and The Iraq War Movie
September , 2010
Turkish Films Co-Produced Within Europe: The Story After Twenty Years’ Experience in Eurimages
September , 2010
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Subjects Art
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Author: Özlem GÜÇLÜ (Primary Author)
Institution: University of London School of Oriental and African Studies Media and Film Studies
Country: United Kingdom

Dates Publication Date : May 15, 2019


This article focuses on the representational form of the silent female that emerged in Turkish cinema after the mid-1990s. It not only explores the thematic and formal tendencies that the silent female characters share, but also reveals the different forms of verbal and visual control that is maintained over them by the filmic elements. Drawing upon representative examples, different types of silence -silencing silence, resisting silence, complete silence and speaking silence- in the new cinema are discussed on the verbal and visual levels. A close reading of the film Gemide (On Board) is drawn upon in order to reveal in detail the thematic and formal conventions of the most prevalent type, silencing silence.

Female silence, representations of women, new cinema of Turkey