Representation of Ethnic Identities in Turkish Cinema After 1990
March , 2012
Machines, the Human Body, and Technophobia in Hollywood Science Fiction
March , 2012
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Author: Nursel GÜLER (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Dates Publication Date : April 28, 2019


This study examines the representations of gender in the movies of Zeki Demirkubuz from psychoanalytic and feminist points of view. Generally, male stories are told in these movies, and women appear in the context of their relations with men, or are turned into simple annexes of men. In these movies, it is difficult to find women who can stand in their own right. Women are used as fantasy objects for the male characters; and the dead ends that the women come to are presented as the result of the capitalist system, while the sexism inherent in a male-dominated society is overlooked.

Woman, man, femininity, masculinity, sexism, hegemony, feminism, art cinema