From Film Theories to Film Studies: Theory, Method and Criticism in Film Research
On the Performance of Documentary Film
September , 2011
New Books
September , 2011
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Author: Hakan ERKILIÇ (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey

Dates Publication Date : May 5, 2019


The text observes the increasing numbers of books published on the subject of film theories even though an “after theory” period is often mentioned nowadays, “theory” ceding its place to “comments.” Citing the book Filmde Yöntem ve Eleştiri (Method and Criticism in Film) (2011), compiled and translated by Ertan Yılmaz, this text draw attention to the important contributions Ertan Yılmaz has made to the literature of Turkish cinema. Referring to articles in the book, it also touches on the latest discussions of film theory-film studies. Filmde Yöntem ve Eleştiri includes twenty-six articles in five chapters. The articles are organized around the topics of film theory, genre criticism, form criticism, mise-en-scène criticism, and structuralist criticism. They represent the opinions of Eisenstein, Henderson, Perkins, Dayan, Rothman, Griffith, Tudor, Thompson, MacDougal, Bazin, Collins, Lowell, Sarris, Durgnat, Bordwell, Elsaesser, Wood, Place, Peterson, Nowell-Smith, Ford, Camper, Cahiers du cinema, and Wollen.