About Us

sinecine: Journal of Film Studies is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal indexed in the FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives) International Index and the TR Dizin (The Turkish Index of the Turkish Technological Research Council’s National Academic Network and Information Center).

The journal is published twice a year, in the spring (March) and fall (September). It publishes articles in Turkish and English.

The editor and Advisory Board for each issue are appointed by the journal’s Editorial Board.

The journal and its website accept no advertising. The journal accepts no payment from authors, and its peer reviewers receive no compensation.

The journal is the property of the members of its Editorial Board and does not belong to any other entity or organization.

Aims & Scope

sinecine: Journal of Film Studies aims to bring together different disciplines within the social sciences, arts, and humanities on the common ground of cinema and thereby to foster scholarly research, debate, critique, questioning, and the development of creative and original ideas.

The journal publishes material on a wide range of cinema-related subjects, from local cinema to Hollywood, from the artistic to the popular, and from the classic to the modern. The journal is also multidisciplinary in scope, welcoming submissions on everything from the political economy of cinema to film history, from psychoanalysis to feminism, from institutional approaches to reception studies, and from genre studies to research on major figures in film.

By decision of the Editorial Board, beginning with the spring 2020 issue, articles accepted for publication will be published in the order in which they were accepted, with each issue of the journal publishing up to six articles. Accepted articles in excess of that number will be slated for publication in the subsequent issue of the journal.

Beginning with the spring 2019 issue, sinecine no longer accepts articles derived from theses and dissertations in cases where the thesis advisor is also listed as an author. Only in cases where the writer of the thesis appears as the sole author will such articles be accepted for review.